The FoOods began as an initiative by a team of foodies, who recognised the value of a fresh, hot meal in building a strong work ethic. Over years of hard work, They have experienced first hand how much more energetic and motivated a filling lunch can make us feel. With a strong endeavour to pay it forward, They started this initiative to add a little light to long week days. The FoOods is the perfect solution for individuals looking to buy fresh, customisable, and affordable meals regularly. With our app, yummy food is only a couple clicks away!

Their mission is to empower individuals by providing filling and nutritious meals. They do this by ensuring that every plate provides a diverse mix of flavours during the long work week. They empathise with those who have very little time to squeeze in their meals during the short lunch breaks, many of whom have to eat at their desk. By providing prompt service, following all safety protocols, and delivering hot tooth-some food that you might never get tired off, They wish to prevent the burnout that plagues the hard-working youth. Their goal is to become one of the leading food tech companies by the year of 2024. They provide cafeteria management and food management solutions to corporates and individuals, who need fresh prompt meals daily, but don’t have the time to cook, or don’t know how to. They aim to revolutionise the cafeteria management systems and food management systems in place with appetizingly delicious food cooked with our secret ingredient: Passion.